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Weiser River Trail

Weiser River Trail | 2009

Photos by Tucker Anderson


We rode the Weiser River Trail this weekend from Evergreen Campground to Galloway Dam near Weiser, Idaho. Karma was our shuttle driver and brought BoBeau and Hank along to keep her company on the drive home.

The riding crew consisted of Jay Stevenor, Tucker Anderson, and I. Clancy brought his Xtra Cycle, Tucker used panniers mounted to a bike rack, and Jay and I towed trailers. I was towing a TW Bents trailer and Jay was trying out a Bob trailer with suspension.

The total mileage for the trip was 71.41 miles according to the GPS. We stayed at an underdeveloped (primitive) campground on the river called Mundo, which is just outside of Cambridge, Idaho.

The upper section of the trail is in a wooded alpine setting and as the trail loses elevation the scenery turns to a high mountain valley ecosystem and finally ends in a grassy desert setting.

Along the way we encountered historic buildings, wildlife, cattle, and a huge herd of goats being herded by working dogs and shepherds.

It was an amazing trip with good riding, scenery and best of all great friends!

~Tad Jones