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Dagget Creek Cabin Watercolor

I rode my dirt bike up into Daggett Creek today to do some watercolor painting.  There is an old cabin up there next to an old mine that I have visited often.  There is an old outhouse just up the creek from the cabin.  I noticed someone has built a horseshoe pit up near the mine, so someone has been spending some time up there.  They also split some wood and stacked it inside the cabin.  The front porch has fallen down on one side and the roof next to the creek has collapsed.  The old Chevy truck is still back in there as well.  I scooped water out of Daggett Creek to use for my watercolor paints.  It was a gorgeous day and very relaxing to just sit and paint and listen to the creek running by and the wind blowing through the pines.
~Tad Jones
Daggett Creek Cabin Watercolor